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Do you like to measure atmospheric pressure on your android device? Barometer App Free with widget, color and transparency setting for you! Monitoring of atmosperic pressure can improve your life
people suffering of migraine or headache can monitor how barometric pressure impacts on their overall mood barometric pressure is important for fishermen, you can adjust your fishing technique according air pressure trend to get best results Barometer measures air pressure and altitude using the built-in barometric pressure sensor on your device. Barometer can be used for virtually all of your outdoor and indoor activities, such as climbing, trekking, hiking and even stair climbing. Show you the atmospheric pressure and altitude using the barometer sensor of your device. This barometer uses the pressure sensor of your device to display the real barometric pressure referred to mean sea level. A simple utility for monitoring atmospheric/air pressure. The utility works only on phones with a pressure sensor.
Devices without a barometric pressure sensor will show the barometric pressure at your location by using your GPS and internet connection. refreshes itself about once an hour. After installing the Barometer app, enabling pressure tracking and adding barometer to a widget, please wait a while one hour until it starts displaying correct pressure. Pressure tracking service of the Barometer app does not start immediately.
It is synced with other services running on Your device to preserve battery. The application periodically checks the pressure values using the barometer sensor on your device. You can also use the widget to monitor hourly variations of atmospheric pressure. A barometer App that displays the current atmospheric pressure. It also calculates the altitude based on the recent standard pressure (QNH) in your area. Devices without a built-in barometer will show a rough elevation of the region and an estimated pressure. Altimeter is an animated real-time elevation meter, elevation logger, and altitude mapper. The app allows you to select from the best sources of elevation data, including: Devices equipped with a barometer sensor can also obtain pressure altitude which is converted to true altitude. For the most precise readings, calibrate the pressure altitude by entering a reference value or by selecting one from the app's dynamic list of nearest airfields. The values shown in this application are indicative and depend on your device. Some devices do not have a air pressure sensor or the accuracy varies and therefore neither guarantee nor assume responsibility for the accuracy of the information. Your device must be equipped with an air pressure sensor, otherwise the App does not work. Since the barometric pressure varies with the position and weather, the reference altitude must set periodically.Please consider to email me with problems rather than posting them in rates. This is a good practice that help developers solve problems and keep application popular. This app is a smart tracking devices, used to altitude measure. It is perfect app for people who love hiking, skiing, mountain biking and other outdoor activities. Any time and with high precision you can check altitude, elevation or localization coordinates. It works online and offline.
Note Not all devices have the an air pressure sensor. We tested the app with many current In addition, a height calculation is included with the air pressure, this also works without GPS reception, for example, in caves and interiors for height difference representation.

Barometer App Free screenshot for Android
Barometer App Free screenshot for Android
Barometer App Free screenshot for Android
Barometer App Free screenshot for Android
Barometer App Free screenshot for Android
Barometer App Free screenshot for Android

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Require Android 2.3 and up

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