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iGRIB Description:

A GRIB file viewer for phones and tablets.

Visualise the computer modelled meteorological data that the professional forecasters use.
* Easy to use interface
* Forecasts of up to 10 days
* Wide choice of pre-generated GRIB files
* Define your own GRIB areas
* GRIB file updates available every 6 hours
* Continue to view files offline

File Selection: Choose from a set of pre-generated files from our server, or define your own custom area.
Data Layers: Switch the visibility of the data in the file layer-by-layer to compose the perfect view.
Forecast Time: Step through the forecast to see weather patterns progressing. (Typical steps are 3 hours, depending on the GRIB data)
Data Keys: Toggle the on screen key to show data legend.
Units: Choose between SI and other commonly used units.
Detail Display: Tap and hold to display exact details of the forecast model (as in the picture above).

The current version support the following data types:
* Surface Temperature
* Relative Humidity
* Cloud Cover
* Pressure
* Wind Speed and Direction
* Current
* Waves
More data types will be added in the future or upon request.

Please let me have your feedback and requests for other parameters or sources of GRIB data to be displayed.

Please do let me know your feedback - particularly if you find problems (I will do my best to address any issue if you contact me directly) or if you have suggestions for future improvements. I'm also very grateful for the positive reviews entered in the Google Play store - it’s a great way of showing your appreciation.

iGRIB screenshot for Android
iGRIB screenshot for Android
iGRIB screenshot for Android
iGRIB screenshot for Android
iGRIB screenshot for Android
iGRIB screenshot for Android

iGRIB Require:

Require Android 4.0 and up

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