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OpenWeather天氣 Description:

我們團隊是一群大學學生,收集了世界各地天氣資訊,並且使用OpenData政府公開資料為依據,以不同的角度去欣賞天氣 ☀☁☂
目前團隊釋出第一版讓各位體驗~未來陸續會新增各功能盡請期待 !
希望花點時間幫我們做問卷謝謝= )

-App背景圖片正急尋原作者,若看到請與我們聯絡哦 !
-若有合適想投稿的背景圖示(各地風景極佳,勿過於花俏)也歡迎mail與我們聯絡 ! Our team is a group of university students around the world to collect weather information, and the use of OpenData government based on publicly available information, at different angles to appreciate the weather ☀☁☂
Currently the team released the first edition to give you a new experience - the future will continue to do please look forward each function!
In order to make the App better, our team hope you will take time to give us some feedback ~
Want to take the time to help us do the questionnaire Thank you =)
Your feedback is our driving force behind the creation: https: //

The main function:
- in the manner of visual images to let you know the current weather essentials
- Use GPS to detect the current location, display the current location weather
- grasp the current situation today and the current high and low temperature sensible temperature
- wind speed and direction with animation glance
- Detailed barometric pressure, humidity, visibility information
- astronomy displays sunrise and sunset times, with the current position of the sun elevation angle display is located
- Provides detailed weather information, including weather forecasting five days ten days
-Android6.0 the first time will require access to GPS when executed, allows to perform normal oh ~
- First execution App will establish a database, make sure the GPS is turned on if there is (and the use of high-precision), flash back if the first execution is normal (to be resolved), open the App to normal operation again
-App background images are being Jixun original author, please contact us to see if Oh!
- if appropriate would like to contribute background illustration (around excellent scenery, not too fancy) mail are also welcome to contact us!

OpenWeather天氣 screenshot for Android
OpenWeather天氣 screenshot for Android
OpenWeather天氣 screenshot for Android
OpenWeather天氣 screenshot for Android
OpenWeather天氣 screenshot for Android

OpenWeather天氣 Require:

Require Android 4.0.3 and up

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