RadarX - NEXRAD/TDWR(U.S. - South Korea) Android Weather

RadarX - NEXRAD/TDWR(U.S. - South Korea) - local radar United States South Korea app

RadarX - NEXRAD/TDWR(U.S. - South Korea) App

RadarX - NEXRAD/TDWR(U.S. - South Korea)

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RadarX - NEXRAD/TDWR(U.S. - South Korea) Description:

Whether life takes you on on the road, on a rooftop or on the golf course, RadarX combines the most useful NEXRAD/TDWR data to keep you alert to rapidly changing weather conditions. Stay updated on the latest severe & tropical weather hazards with built in outlooks that are updated regularly.

RadarX features

-Level 3 NEXRAD

--Base Reflectivity

--Base Velocity

--Storm Relative Velocity

--Vertically Integrated Liquid

--Correlation Coefficient

--Echo Tops -

--One Hour Precipitation Totals

--Total Storm Precipitation Totals

Level 2 NEXRAD

--High Resolution Reflectivity

--High Resolution Velocity

--High Resolution Correlation Co-efficient

--High Resolution Differential Reflectivity

--High Resolution Spectrum Width

NOTE: At the moment RadarX only displays the standard lowest elevation products. We will be adding tilts early this fall for several Level3/Level2 products. For all the latest developments please follow us on social media.

Map Display Options

--Standard Google Road Map

--Dark Google Road Map

--Custom Black County Overlay Map

--Custom Grey County Overlay Map

RadarX Drive Display

--Use RadarX drive display while traveling to keep alert to rapidly changing weather conditions along your route. Using your device GPS, you can keep your current location center while you are in motion.

Auto Tower Activation

--Activate the auto tower feature to move around the map and have the nearest NEXRAD tower activate radar imagery. This feature is great while driving as it allows you to avoid having to manually switch between NEXRAD sites.

Severe Weather Warnings

--As soon as the National Weather Service issues a Severe Thunderstorm, Tornado or Flash Flood Warning, RadarX immediately displays this information with location and warning details. RadarX uses the National Weather Services storm impact statements to color code potential impacts of any storm. Use the severe weather alert dashboard to locate any active severe weather alerts within the United States.

Storm Reports

--Hail - Tornado - Wind Damage - Wind Speed Reports

---View Storm Reports for last 24 Hours with time period selection options

Spotter Network

--View active locations of trained spotters via Spotter Network. To learn more, visit spotternetwork.org

NEXRAD Hail History

--View hail history in real-time as hail storms are in progress

(See Storm Mapping WxPRO for extensive hail & severe weather report archive)

Lightning Detection

--View lightning strike locations and frequency

--Select lighting strike intervals between 5 to 30 minutes

Tropical Storm/Hurricane Tracking & Outlooks

Get the latest updates on potential tropical genesis and active tropical cyclones.

-View the latest tropical weather outlook from the National Hurricane Center

-Track active tropical storms/hurricanes

-View projected storm tracks & cone of uncertainty

-View current storm intensity information

-Plot tropical storm/hurricane wind probabilities

Severe Weather Outlooks - Day 1 through Day 3

Get the latest severe weather outlooks from the Storm Prediction Center.

Detailed day one SPC convective outlook(Tornado-Wind-Hail Probabilities)

Push Point & Geolocation NWS Forecasts

Get observations and forecasts for any location in the United States & Territories with a simple tap on the map. Press a location for 2 seconds to retrieve data.

-Extended Forecasts

-View Weather Alerts

-Read NWS Office Forecast Discussions

Save Screenshots

Save radar images to your device in portrait or landscape mode. This makes it easy to share radar images to social media. Coming soon we are adding the ability to create GIF animations.

RadarX - NEXRAD/TDWR(U.S. - South Korea) screenshot for Android
RadarX - NEXRAD/TDWR(U.S. - South Korea) screenshot for Android
RadarX - NEXRAD/TDWR(U.S. - South Korea) screenshot for Android
RadarX - NEXRAD/TDWR(U.S. - South Korea) screenshot for Android
RadarX - NEXRAD/TDWR(U.S. - South Korea) screenshot for Android
RadarX - NEXRAD/TDWR(U.S. - South Korea) screenshot for Android

RadarX - NEXRAD/TDWR(U.S. - South Korea) Require:

Require Android 5.1 and up

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