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Tide Tables Brazil Description:

To get ready for your trip to Brazil, check tides, waves and winds using the best app for Android: Tide Tables Brazil. With fluent and natural english support!


• If you have any problem, critic or question, I suggest you send an e-mail first, since the comments space is too restricted.

• The paid optional only eliminates the ADs and make it possible to use the program with AD blockers.


• Náutica magazine, issue 271, march 2011 edition: “SOBE E DESCE DAS ÁGUAS. Você pode visualizá-las mais tarde sem se conectar à Internet. Dá para planejar o dia ideal para cruzeiros.”


Available for free:

• Outstanding tablet support.
• High resolution graphics.
• Modern interface for Material Design.
• Support for Pebble and Pebble Time smartwaches.
• Dashclock and Android default widgets.
• Automatic cache that saves data for offline use.
• Automatic and manual selection of meters and feet.
• Current tidal conditions.
• Easy prediction of past and future tides.
• Moon phases integrated with each prediction.
• Illuminated fraction of the Moon disk in each table prediction.
• Automatic and configurable time zones.
• Automatic daylight saving time conversions.
• Seamless transition between months.
• Automatic locator identifies nearby geographical stations.
• Compatibility with newer and older devices (Froyo to Marshmallow).
• Code optimized for modern multicore CPUs.
• Exclusive panel with hourly predictions.
• Share the predictions with all your apps.
• Seach tides by Moon phases

And available in the subscription (paid):

• Removal of advertisements (“ADs”).
• Ability to use this program with ad blockers.

Compare with the others in the Play Store: no other is that polished, easy to use, intuitive, complete, modern and according to the standards set by Google for Android programs.


1. Users of the old Pro version must keep the old Pro version installed together with this version so you don't need to buy the paid optional, until JUL/2016. Keep both installed!. It is all automatic, no configuration needed.

2. To install the Pebble smartwatch program, search for it in Pebble Store. Support is automatic.

3. The time zone indication only applies if the time zone setting is defined to “Your device”, inside the program, and your own device is configured to a time zone in which daylight savings time is in effect. If this feature does not work properly, please make sure your device settings for date and time are properly configured before complaining.

Tide Tables Brazil screenshot for Android
Tide Tables Brazil screenshot for Android
Tide Tables Brazil screenshot for Android
Tide Tables Brazil screenshot for Android
Tide Tables Brazil screenshot for Android
Tide Tables Brazil screenshot for Android

Tide Tables Brazil Require:

Require Android Varies with device

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